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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 14th May 2018: Post: 3

Amiga 600 - Confide in me - Games time : Part 3
Having achieved what I set out to do and that was check that the
hard drives were still working, I decided to have a play. What
better way than to simply run all the games listed on that Silica
advert, from all those years ago, and see if they work.

Happily they all worked without any problem. And more happily for
me were a hoot and a half and kept my active on the 600 all day
I still am playing Wing Commander.. so gotta go.

And as for that title in the post... Answer at the end of the pics.

The Amiga 600

OK.. Grabs another version

And I am still playing Wing Commander

Time for my Veiga Campaign.. sorry 'Vega'


The music today came from Kylie
and her album Confide in Me.. She
comes from the land down under

Along with The Veronicas

Back with a 'Vengeance'......
Trying to look like Max Headroom

Happy Days

And if you want to play Stardust its
on an Amiga Format cover disk

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