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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 18th May 2018: Post: 1

A590 - Oh no !!! One of my A590s went AWOL

Disaster... An A590 is down. This can't be so. Usually so bullet
proof but switched her on and no hard drive to be seen anywhere.
The drive kicks in but no drive light and the Workbench disk
requester kicks in straight away.. so the drive is not being 
recognised by the computer.

So what is the problem. Let's have a look shall we. Don't panic !!

The inactive A590

So what has gone wrong ? No drive light.

Let's have a look.

This 590 has been very well behaved

SCSI drive

Cables all connected and so the power

Sadly had to drill out one of the|
screws to release the bottom plate.. Happens !!

Board looks fine.. But what do I know.

Cool !!

Quite elegant in the styling.. So retro

Sadly still no hard drive activity

And nothing showing up on SysInfo

Time for a cuppa tea and an epiphany....


And the light re-appears like magic

Clara is back along with my Workbench

As is SID

Back to BASICs

That's not Tetris

That's Tetris

So how did I get the drive to re-appear

And give me back my orange light

The trick is not to slide the DIP
switches so they are all off. You
need at least one active and on. I
must have slid the number one down
when I was moving the A590. Man I wish
all problems were that easy to solve

Onwards.. nuther cuppa first

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