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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 18th May 2018: Post: 3

A590: Rev 6 and Rev 7 board differences

Whilst watering the garden tonight I reflected on the A590 and
couldn't reason why the lights to the front would be different
on the one I fixed today. I do recall having to remove wires to
the LED. Only one thing for it and I decided to pull a couple of
old units from the elephants graveyard and have a look. So in the
warm glow of the late evening sun I pictured a Rev 6 and Rev 7
board and was surprised by the differences.

I doubt many would be trying to find drives for these machines
now but I would have thought in the day this could have caused
some real problems. The power supply is on the opposite side
and the case support and ribbon connector differ on both boards.

The configuration is a little tricky to appreciate as you have
to fully remove the metal shielding supporting the drive to
actually see the circuit board below.

I also picked up on some damage to a connector which I guess
could be cause for why the one drive doesn't work.

And Rev 6 does in fact have a separate wire connector feeding
the lights, whereas on the Rev 7 the LEDs are surface mounted.

A590 Rev 6 and Rev 7

Rev 7 [ left ] and Rev 6 [ right ]

Rev 7

Rev 6

Rev 6 [ yellow dot centre chip ]

Rev 7 [ white dot centre chip ]

Rev 6 [ Connector to lights ]

Rev 7 [ Surface mounted LEDs ]

Rev 7 [ power on left ]

Rev 6 [ power on the right ]

Rev 7 [ centre chip 5189 white dot ]

Rev 6 [ centre chip 0889 yellow dot ]

Rev 6 [ ribbon connector on left ]

Rev 7 [ ribbon connector to left removed ]

Revision 7 Board [ labelled ]

Revision 6 Board [ labelled ]

Broken connectors.. Problem with these sidecars

Showing the two different power connectors

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