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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 22nd May 2018: Post: 3

NEO GEO - What's with the big joystick thingy

I was somewhat confused over the design of this console when I
first saw it, until I realised that the controller is pretty
much the size of what you would find on an actual arcade machine.
Trouble is I would struggle using the thing without lifting it
and then it would become almost unusable... or so it appears.
The Joystick controller is the same as is found in the arcade
MVS cabinet.

Quite a sleek powerful console and for its day very expensive.
However for the money you got an arcade quality console with
a good level of power and graphics.

NEO GEO made by SNK Corporation in 1990
Uses a Motorola 68000 running at 12 MHz Zilog Z80a
Memory is 64KB RAM and 84KB VRAM
Sound is provided by the Yamaha YM2610


That's one big cartridge

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