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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 23rd May 2018: Post: 2

Atari XEGS - Or just XEGS..... ' Gaming System '

This is a bit of fun albeit reminded me of something else which I
have never been able to put my finger on.... Think it was a Casio
music keyboard player that I once owned. To be honest I obtained
two bits of kit the same day that since that day over 10 years
ago have never been taken out of the boxes. The first being this
Atari XEGS and the other being the MAC Classic. Just never found
either stimulating in any way. Weird really, but hey.

The box I have is in excellent condition and is the deluxe set
with the XG-1 Light Gun, XEGS keyboard and joystick. The joystick
is just a grey version of the normal one. By the way Atari joyticks
when left alone in dark corners will reproduce so be very careful.

The machine clips together and becomes a kinda Dragon in grey from
that point on with the Casio style  music buttons. The unit has some
crazy angles which are kinda fun though the cartridge slot unprotected
would gather all kinds of choccy biscuit crumbs.

Runs on the CPU MOS Technology 6502C with 64KB RAM. Dunno how
successful this was. Don't ever recall them in the day. It was
replaced with the Jaguar which I do remember very well... YUMMY.

Just as an aside.. the Jaguar controller works on the 1040ST
enhanced joystick ports. How cool is that ? I really don't know.

The computer came with the very splendid Flight Simulator II.

Replaced by The J A G U A R

Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar

Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar

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