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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 24th May 2018: Post: 2

Sanyo PHC-28L 64KB - Ordinateur Personnel MSX

MSX computer designed for the French market with the AZERTY style
keyboard and Euro plug. Basically your standard classic MSX with
all the same functionality of the rest. Very little I can add.

Sanyo PHC-28L made in Japan probably around 83/84
Uses Microsoft Extended BASIC MSX V.1
The keyboard is an AZERTY mechanical
Processing is provided by the Z80A running at 3.8 MHz
RAM on this machine is 64 KB and VRAM 18 KB
Sound uses the Yamaha AY-3-8910

The spec is basically your standard MSX form factor.

Sadly I was only able to get black and white out of the computer. The
images were very sharp so maybe just a setting or slight issue. Dunno.

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