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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 17th May 2019: Post 01: Oric-1 : Power and Polarity

Oric-1 : Power and Polarity
One little annoyance that seems to dog me is the lack of information
on a computer regarding the power supply. Worse is the issue of the
polarity of the middle pin say. So when I get the information I do
tend to leave notes either on the computer or on post notes inside
with the packaging.

A further problem comes when you try to source a suitable power supply.
Many have a multitude of settings and are often very difficult to
read without a large magnifying glass. I have never really understood
the mystery to be honest. Just a simple plus or minus would do etched
on the case with the voltage stated.

I have several of these modern power supplies and they are so annoying
in the way they vary in dealing with the middle pin polarity. The units
are easy to switch in terms of voltage, but the pin can vary in the
way it needs to be configured.

With respect to the Oric-1 I read a few posts on various forums that
state that I needed an ordinary unregulated power supply that can
output 9V at 650 mA. With a polarity of (-) outside, (+) inside. And
so central pin needs to be plus. I have never found a 650 mA unit as
all those I have are 300 mA. Seem to work.

So to check the power supply I had I pulled a couple of my Orics with
dodgy displays and ran them on the power supplies. They all worked
and although the one screen was a little faint were fully functional
and performed OK.

I have included also some scans from the manual to get any Oric user
started. I also include some BASIC programs from a popular computer
magazine by way of example. Not a great fan of the Oric-1. I find the
keyboard a little annoying. Otherwise a perfectly usable BASIC machine. 

Oric-1 : Power and Polarity

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