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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 23rd May 2019: Post 02: Amiga 500: A5000 Accelerator

Amiga 500: A5000 Accelerator

I received a query recently regarding the A5000 by Solid State
Leisure. The writer advised that to activate the memory there was
a need to initialise a program off the disk. He referred to an 'Alloc'
program. I hadn't had much luck previously so I thought I would look
into this.

Whilst I couldn't find a specific program, I did find the AllocMem
tool in the 'C' directory. In time I will refit the card and check.

I did use an A500 to check the disk. Basically I do tend to use a
machine that was of the period of the hardware so I can see the icons
and the like, as they would have originally appeared. There are also
often clues as to the usage.

Later I transferred operations to the A4000 ( sorry for blurred images )
so that I could copy the disk to the archive and create an ADF of
the disk. I am keen to hear from the originating query to see whether
the disk they have differs from mine.

I would like to get the card working, which thus far I have only had
marginal success. Down below are the images from my last outing with the
card. Just to put the question in some kind of context. The first few
images are what I took today of the disk contents.

Amiga 500: A5000 Accelerator

Amiga 500 - A5000 Solid State Leisure

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