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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 25th May 2019: Post 01: XCOPY plus the hardware

XCOPY plus the hardware

That's what the invoice says from the purchase of XCOPY II back in
1990. XCOPY II + Hardware. Just that this does come up every now
and then and sadly I really am unable to help as I am not likely
to part with my interface dongle thingy. Not really sure what you
can do with the software without the special interface.

I have previous blogs setting out the way to use XCOPY. This blog
was just a follow up from my recent posts regarding the A500.

Anyway... you probably need the interface which is the hardware bit.

My little package arrive. 

XCOPY plus the hardware

Previously on scuzzblog

So with the cartridge installed on the
secondary drive I boot with X-COPY

I hit F1 to boot into X-COPY

I select DOSCOPY and remove the X-COPY
disk and insert the disk I want to copy
The blank disk is in the secondary drive.

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