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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 26th May 2019: Post 01: Elvira - Finally put to bed

Elvira - Finally put to bed

Those that have followed my blogs know that I have a bit of a soft
spot for Elvira. Goes back to the days when Amiga magazines featured
a vamp to introduce the help pages for games. Given that I was always
stuck playing something then the dark mysterious women that were
featured were a very welcome sight. And the queen of all the vamps
was Elvira. She was always welcome here.

I have all of Elvira's games though the Arcade Game was a bit of a
problem given that I did not own the box. I was searching for years
and years to get a copy of the game with the full box contents for
a price less than what the game cost originally. Tricky. Late last
year I purchased a damaged box and rebuilt the images in Photoshop
just to make do. Although a rewarding experience, just wasn't the
same as having the real thing.

Anyway .. last week my dream came true as I won an Auction, and not
a buy now, for the game Elvira The Arcade Game. The game arrived
yesterday and the box is in very good condition. The contents
including the poster are all inside... AND the game disks work.

I am so pleased. I can finally put Elvira to bed ... as it were...
Ooh er !! So here are the pictures.

I include some images of the other games just for reference. So
what is next ? Don't get me started. I have now freed up a bit of
space in my brain so I guess something will pop in soon. For now
though I will reflect on Elvira. I will try and dig out a few
mags with that vamp queen in.


Elvira - Finally put to bed

Elvira II

Elvira III

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