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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 27th May 2019: Post 01: CU Amiga - Vampyra

CU Amiga - Vampyra

OK following on from the blog yesterday I did threaten to uncover
the lovely vamp that published her monthly adventure help responses
to letters in a well known Amiga publication. Turns out the lady
was none other than Vampyra. And if you picked up a copy of the
magazine CU Amiga from around 1994/1995 you are sure to find the
lovely lady giving adventure game guide help. ... with a saucy twist.

Typical response to a query went something like this ...

' Walking around in just your bikini bottom is fine if you have a
figure like mine ( I've got curves in places where some girls don't
even have places), but I suggest that you search the bottom of the
ship's swimming pool to find something that will cover up your deficiency'

You get the idea. This vamp was the UK's answer to Elvira. I guess. Sorry for the scans but I am not minded to start cutting up my treasured magazines so the pages lay flat... just for a blog.

CU Amiga - Vampyra

So pick up a copy of CU Amiga 1994/95
and you will discover inside Vampyra

I haven't actually checked as to when Vampyra
first appeared nor when she last appeared. I
like to think she was always there and so
I'll leave it at that. A big thank you for the help

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