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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2019

Entry 29th May 2019: Post 02: Glad I got that WHDLoad off my chest

Glad I got that WHDLoad off my chest

My take on WHDLoad

For me I have never seen the point. I guess I am lucky in being
able to use an Amiga without problem and have access to so much
software and games material. Thing is whilst I love mucking around
on my Amiga, there just aint enough hours in the day to fit all that
gaming in. In truth my time gaming is split between my 120s in BfA
and my Mystic grinding closer to 67 in Tera. I stopped playing
games seriously on the Amiga when I got a PS1 and that got mothballed
by the PS2 and PS3 and XBOX and Elite and PC and when you play
the very modern of the modern games I just can't see why I would
need so many old games. I have all my Amiga boxed games and I love
the artwork. I dabble a little but nothing serious. They are just
so old now. I can't even play PS games in truth earlier than Nier
Automata and the lovely 2B. Why would I?

I'm  actually not a retro guy cus my ZX81 isn't retro, its still
working from the day I had it. Just like my Spectrum and Amstrad
and onto the Amiga. I can still play Duke Nukem on the Win95
machine. Each was a step toward today. So when I marvel at the
light actually passing through the glass in Archeage I do so cus
I got the computer for today. And each step has been a magical
moment... technology fascinates me. Always has. But I do not
gather digital collections of software or games just to build endless
libraries of things that I am like never going to use.  Most of
my games are subscription based or I need to buy the game like BDO.  
It saddens me that even though I have the Digital Deluxe version
of Warcraft [ all expansions ] I do not have the box and or the
games media. Cus its downloaded content these days.

The point being that the Amiga sits in a magical timeline for me
and my memories are still alive from all that I did then. I have
acquired so much over the years, but it always has been the real
deal. The real box, the real magazine, the real disks and software.
They are just so important to me as the whole package. Cus as it
was in the day the experience of the whole deal from holding in
my hand to using and enjoying all that I acquired is more important
than just the pixels on the screen. Cus when you remove the data
you have 'nothing' but a memory. And that is what annoys me so
much about Warcraft.

One last comment.... it would be interesting to get a measure on
just how much 'real' stuff folk had when they discounted any and
I mean any 'online' and or digital data. Just think about it for
a moment. Take away the electrical supply in what ever form to
what you believe to be in your possession and lay out on a table
all that you have and see how over the years the actual physical
has reduced so much. I have a wall to a room here that is full height
shelving to the ceiling filled with Amiga games. And whilst I may
not play them I can still take down the box of Cannon Fodder and
joy at the box art, disks and games instructions. And I certainly
never fail to sing ' War... never been so much fun '. Would be
the same without the electrical supply.

So whilst I applaud all that is being done to sustain the Amiga
and give people pleasure, I would qualify this by saying there
is more to the Amiga.... and to life in general than it's digital
worth. So maybe put down the phone and go find something you can
see, touch, sense and maybe even converse with in the 3D world that
is 'real-time'.

Retro for me is the whole deal and data storage definitely is not a
high priority.  

Hope that made sense. Only my view of things being a material
person who likes his stuff.


Glad I got that WHDLoad off my chest

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