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Entry 2nd May 2020: Post 02: Disc Expanding - or not !!

Disc Expanding - or not !!

It is easy to forget just how expensive hard drive storage was in 
the early days. My first drive was just 80MB and the second that
was 350MB cost me 350 and storage was costing around 1/MB and
that is MB and not GB. Reflect on that.

At the time a number of products came on the market for both the
PC and Amiga to expand the drive capacity. Some were suitable for
use on both, though I never did try them.

I did try a little tool called ArCHandler which basically archived
your hard drive but made the archive accessible as if it were normal
files and drawers. Each time you ran anything there was a time delay
so the software could decompress the files. The hard drive activity
was so intense it was probably responsible for shortening the life of
the drive.

Anyway blah blah blah !! Not what I wanted to feature today and
a tenuous link to this old paperweight I have.

In the mid nineties we got through computers like confetti. Both
the processor speeds and software itself was being upgraded so
fast it was making kit redundant very quickly. My responsibility
when kit was junked was to ensure that drives were removed and
destroyed. The secretaries computer was archaic and I recall
removing the drive I feature here and being so in awe of its
electronics that I kept it out and used it as a paper weight.
That was like over twenty five years ago and I still use the thing
as a paper weight and book end.

Amazingly in that time I have seen the surface of the discs slowly
degrade. The drive is in a warm, dry location and not in direct
sunlight and yet the surface has broken down and it is starting
to accelerate away so I thought I would take some pics before it
failed altogether. Suffice to say the data was backed up but is
now  ancient. I have a Buffalo drive that still works which is now
getting also real old.

Disc Expanding - or not !!

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