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Entry 3rd May 2020: Post 01: Gaming Handhelds - Battery scare.

Gaming Handhelds - Battery scare.

So I am watching this video on YouTube about a retro games fair
and up pops this guy to talk about Japanese handheld games units.
He then started to discuss the issue of corroded metal connectors
that have failed due to battery leaks. My heart stopped and I was
very quickly digging out my three boxes of handhelds and assorted
retro gaming kit.

I am not a great fan of the Japanese gaming scene. Particularly
the Mario and Sonic types of game. I did dabble for a while in
collecting kit, but it's quite a massive market and there is just
so much stuff in circulation. For me I prefer computers and that
means a machine that can do calculations and save to disk.

However, my biggest concern was whether I had left the batteries
in any of the kit. I did find two handhelds with batteries. The
first was the Gameboy Advance SP which has a built in battery. It
looks OK so I left it. And the other was a Neo Pocket with two
literally immaculate double AA batteries. These things are like
15 years old plus. My goodness. The rest of the handhelds were
clear of batteries so I was OK and very relieved.

The boxes not only have handhelds but Dreamcast stuff and even
the FamiCom BASIC keyboard that turned a FamiCom into a computer.
If handhelds and the gaming consoles could be converted into
computers than they may have had more appeal.

I don't think any of the consoles I have are fitted with batteries
though I would need to check. I just have to stay off the YouTube
videos as they keep giving me frights like this.

Took me most of the day, what with having to put the large boxes
away and returning the store areas back to how they were. Some
of those units were brand new and never been used. Also most were
actual imports from Japan. I knew this guy that I use to mail and
basically I just asked him to get me stuff.

He was never able to get me Risa Yoshiki and now the girl is married
and just gave birth so I think I have lost my chance. Never mind.

Gaming Handhelds - Battery scare.

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