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Entry 7th May 2020: Post 01: Star Wars - Back and 4th.

Star Wars - Back and 4th.

Hi... I meant to post this on the 4th but I got kinda distracted.
[ Here goes ]

In my opinion, from someone that went to the see the very first
Star Wars movie when it was released, there was only one true
Star Wars film. At best I would give it maybe one and a half good
films. I was so amazed by the first film I actually queued all
day to see the second. By the time we got round to the third I
really viewed it no more special than any other, but still went
and saw it on the big screen.

I am not a great fan of Disney films. I really have never truly
understood how anyone enjoys watching fluffy creatures talking
and behaving like humans. I also knew far too well the work of
Frank Ozz  and the Muppets. So when Yoda was introduced all I 
could see was Muppets and Fozzie Bear. And Princess Leia was not 
a sex object she was Carrie Fisher.. and a wonderful Princess.

The plot line of Darth Vader was truly brilliant and the twist
of him being Luke's father was classic. The 'use the force' in
the last film was so legendary it will forever be cited as one
of the most important lines in any film. Now, the whole
product post the first film has become a kiddies romp that has 
sadly persisted in all the later films. It's kids in the park 
playing fighting games in opposing gangs. I was doing this when 
I was eight... yonks before such films. Typically taking sides 
and overcoming the enemy.

Star Wars the first was way more complex than that. It gave a
world in a galaxy far away. All of its technology was accepted
without explanation and we felt like a visitor to a strange
world, where you really had to play 'catchy up' with the plot
cus there was no presumption that you knew anything. It was
this avoiding of all the explaining that made it so wonderful.
Also the fact that it was weathered and worn and not perfect 
as in say Star Trek. Garbage chutes and broken robots. Classic.

But even by film number two the arrogance had set in and the
film took on an air of superiority. It no longer needed to
humbly go about its business, but now there was a feeling that
we should all know its purpose, and its goals, and bath in the
wonder that is the Star Wars universe. No longer did I feel
the stranger in a strange world. But more the formula goody
versus baddy with a Disney style 'cuddly wuddly' feel and
Muppet style antics.

It got worse with the release of the later films where we see
Fozzie Bear , as small as he was, fight a grown man in one
armed combat. The lightsaber has become a symbol of the silly
nonsense this franchise has become. Instead of becoming more
intellectual and deep it became a shallow pool of childish 

In terms of games appeal. It never has had any. And that is the
truth. There is not one classic amongst them. Probably the
most disappointing of any film interpretation. I was playing
SWToR online for a year and trust me it was the biggest load
of boring crap you could imagine. Both Star Wars and Star Trek
failed hopelessly as online products, and yet they had so much
money thrown at them, and with such a healthy fan base they
should have never failed.

And so May the 4th came and went and this year I couldn't even
be bothered. I sense that even Mark Hamill has become tired of
it all. A film that rocked the very core of science fiction
fantasy to beckon a whole genre of space spin off's, but none
I feel have ever captured that first film. It was classic and
epic and every other descriptive similar word you can imagine.
The day after I saw the film I felt empty and lost and wished
only for a magical portal to open to take me to that place. It
seemed unfair that I was trapped here and unable to traverse the
galaxy to join up with Luke. Once bitten as they say. It is
because of this cupids arrow of Star Wars that I have persisted
with its content always to be disappointed. I live in hope
that somebody may pick up where Star Wars kinda finished off.

I can draw a comparison with the Amiga in truth cus I was
smitten by the same kind of love affair. Ar hum.

Don't get me wrong I love Star Wars. I just hate what it became.

Star Wars - Back and 4th.

I didn't really refer to any of the later
films cus they'm all crap. Really crap.

Anyway I'm back to Saints Row The Third ..
Gangster stylie. You should see my car.

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