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Entry 8th May 2020: Post 01: Jupiter Ace - Forth built in.

Jupiter Ace - Forth built in.

My plans for a ' May the Forth ' theme this year were all kinda
scuppered by the PlayStation 3 popping her cloggs. Couldn't really
concentrate until I had a replacement. Anyway I have a PS3 now
working and have received the 125GB laptop hard drive to get her
fully back on her feet. I'm in no rush now as I have a working
PS3 and that is all that matters.

Back to the Jupiter Ace which is stored in a special box all on
its lonesome. The very box that she came in all those years ago.
Not the original box, though this bit of kit I know is all the
original bits and has never been used. Mint out of box.

The computer cost me [ wait for it ] 450 back in 2005 I guess.
I wanted a good one and I wanted the book, tape and the 16K RAM.
This was expensive cus it was an over hyped auction that probably
was jacked. But hey.

That's that then ... A Jupiter Ace. Kinda a ZX81 in reverse though
never climbs out of Forth. I always meant to learn a bit of Forth,
but seriously, who has the time.

....... Getting warmer. Bugga. I hate this time of year.

Jupiter Ace by Cantab and made in the UK in 1983.
The language used for the computer is Forth.
It has a Spectrum style keyboard and uses the Zilog Z80A.
RAM is just 3KB and can be expanded I am told to 51KB.
Colour is black and white and sound is a beeper.
Cost 90 new and twice the cost of my ZX81 in the day.

There are two Jupiter Ace machines on Ebay and are 800 and 1295.
Seriously not worth the money. You are better off buying a Raspberry Pi
[ quote ] 
Raspberry Pi Forth Operating System is available on GitHub:

The rpiForth will grow to include:

1. A file system on the SD card.
2. A text editor to write stored programs to load.
( no more host assembler ).
3. A forth ARM assembler, to write high performance forth words.
4. An Interactive multi-tasking operating system, you can fire up
a task and let it run while doing other things or run two or more
task at the same time.
5. A Floating point package per ANSI.
6. A I2C driver off board chips. Like the MSP430 micro.

[ and quote ]

Jupiter Ace - Forth built in.

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