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Entry 9th May 2020: Post 01: Making a diskbox - Blue Peter style.

Making a diskbox - Blue Peter style.

With disk boxes being quite rare these days and quite expensive
when they do appear, I got to making my own. Nothing over the top
just a simple cardboard box made from a Shredded Wheat carton for
storing my loose disks that I need to move from one place to
another. Anyhoo ... I was about to make another today and decided
to show how I do it.

Little tip. Never throw good quality carton food boxes away. The
cardboard comes in useful all the time.

By the way, for those that don't know, Blue Peter was/is a BBC
kiddies programme. One of it's features for me growing up was
watching John Noakes build all kinds of fun things out of toilet
roll holders, egg cartons and sticky back plastic. John sadly
passed away 27th May 2017.

A Blue Peter is a flag with a blue ship on white background and
is hoisted when the ship recalls its crew to set sail. This was
used as a metaphor referring to a journey of adventure. The
programme was originally hosted by Valerie Singleton and
Christopher Trace. John Noakes joined later and Peter Purves
replaced Christopher Trace.

Making a diskbox - Blue Peter style.

All you need is an empty Shredded Wheat
box, A4 paper, scissors, pen and Sellotape.

Trim the top of the box but keep
the bits of cardboard.

OK the old finding the middle trick.
Cut a piece of the surplus card so
it is just over half way by guessing.
and then make a mark on the box.

Use the card and make another mark
on the box from the other side.

The middle of both those marks
will be the centre of the box.
So mark the bit of card accordingly
and cut the card to the correct size.

Use the bit of card to mark the
centre of the box at both ends
and use the paper to draw a line

Use the card as a ruler to mark the
box all the way round and use the
paper to draw the lines.

Now carefully cut the box in half.

You now have two sections like this.

Cut the top left edge of the one
and fold down the cardboard as shown.

And do the same with the other
remembering which way round to
give an enclosed box.

Use your scraps of cardboard to
reinforce the base at the edges.

Stick the folded sections to the
base and Sellotape all corners.
Also run Sellotape across the back
and around the sides. You don't need
to go over the top. Then place your
folded bit of paper in the base.

You can reinforce the top end
edge with the bit of card that
is left. Never waste anything.

Then simply add disks.

Use a sticky label to number
the box. And fold a bit of card
to use as a disk tab spacer.

There you go. If when you eat
all your Shredded Wheat you make
another, stick them together as a
double. Then do same and make some
lids. Also you can paint, stick
labels on and coloured artwork.

And the trick to indexing is knowing
how to find stuff. Just use a simple
text file and number your disks and
refer to a box number. And NOTEPAD
comes with a search tool. So just
FIND Music-X and your note should say
Music-X Disk 15 in Box 01. And you will find it.

Tomorrow I will show you how to make
your very own Silicon Chip using just
your mother's oven. Or not.. probably not.

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