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Entry 10th May 2020: Post 01: Retro Gamer Magazines.

Retro Gamer Magazines.

If you are a fanatical collector you might run into issues when
saving various magazines. As an avid stamp collector of old I
know too well the costly issue of covering all your basis. For not
only would you need to collect your mint set, but also your finely
used set, presentation pack and then the first issue stamped on
the commemorative envelope. It was with this bonkers mentality that
I started collecting two copies of most magazines, basically cus
they all started sealing them up in plastic or cardboard bags. In
addition the plastic was often faced in artwork and so was part
of the magazine. The bigger problem is the large DVD case which
is stuck to the face of the mag.

My dilemma has been that what ever material they used for the plastic
is bio-degradable in normal environmental conditions. Many of the
bags have literally degraded to dust. This is particularly so of
my FHM, Arena, Esquire, Maxim and GQ. The PlayStation and XBOX mags
tend to use the cardboard envelope style.

And so whenever I move the Jupiter Ace from its shelf I have to
eject the first half a dozen or so Retro Gamer mags and they generally
are in plastic bags. I do have other versions. In truth I have stacks
of the things, though all my magazines are lost behind a bench and
several computers. I have threatened to go digging this summer.

Anyhoo... I decided again to take pics of the state of the covers
which for the most part were fine. I sense they are becoming grey
and a little foggy. Other than that they appear OK. I am glad I
wasn't this bonkers when I purchased my Amiga mags. I would have
needed to buy two just to get the cover disks off the front. It
is a shame that so many of the magazines have damaged covers due
to disks being ripped from them.

That was that for today. I'm kinda hooked on my Saints game and
have a major internet search on the go so I'm up all hours at the

Short and sweet. Or not ... Happy days.

Retro Gamer Magazines.

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