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Entry 11th May 2020: Post 01: C64 - C128 and Commodore Gaming.

C64 - C128 and Commodore Gaming.

It must have been a real challenge for game developers in the 80s
to get their product onto the vast array of computers and consoles.
Not only were they up against the differing platforms but also the
differing models within the same company. In the case of Commodore,
after the acquisition of the Amiga, a game maker could expect not
only to port to the Amiga on 3.5" disk but also provide a tape
version for the datasette, a cartridge version and also a 5.25" disk
version for the C128 and C64 with the disk drive.

It is easy to forget the 5.25" disk as a major provider of games
and software for the non-Amiga related models. Just how these 5.25"
disks were packaged and promoted has always been a mystery to me,
given that tape and 3.5" disk versions generally came with their
box and cassette case. But rarely have I found a box for the 5.25"
disks. Most of mine are loose, though I do have a few in boxes and
or wallet folders.

The 5.25" disks were featured in Commodore Disk User which also
provided a cover disk in the 5.25" format. And from what I see
from the many many bootleg disks that I have the old piracy of
games was also prolific on the 5.25" disks, just as with the Amiga.
I guess the copying was easier than with the tape.

Anyhoo.. I have loads of 5.25" disks but very few boxes and manuals.
Why the disks became separated from their holders I do not know.
It often saddens me that the boxes, wallets and manuals were just
discarded. I certainly wish I had more.

One thing I have from the era that I kinda wish was detached from
its box is my Forth for the C64. It is still held tight within
its protective clear wrapping. I just don't have the guts to rip
the plastic open.

C64 - C128 and Commodore Gaming.

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