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Entry 13th May 2020: Post 1: Amiga 600 - Keyboard repair.

Amiga 600 - Keyboard repair.

Some days here I start one thing and finish up doing other stuff.
Today was no exception as I set out on quite a different challenge
only to find myself opening up an Amiga 600.

I had set too photographing some PowerBox PSUs for the Amiga and
came across a mouse that had been placed quite high up on a stack
of joysticks. I got to thinking why I put it there and decided
it was likely to be having problems and I couldn't be bothered
with it any more. I have quite a lot of mice.

And so having cleaned it I was testing it out and discovered the
number 1 wasn't working on the A600. Also I had lost the CTRL-
Left and Right Amiga soft-boot. Nothing for it but to take her
apart and see what the problem was.

This A600 is the one with the dodgy hard drive. I know her
pattern of behaviour now, and if I boot from a floppy and leave
her while and make a cuppa tea, she will boot from the hard drive
on a soft boot.

I took the trusty Amiga 600 apart and immediately discovered
that the rear keyboard ribbon was higher on the right side. The
floppy ribbon and power cable looked as though they could have
fouled the ribbon lifting it up. I should explain that the rear
case tabs on this machine are broken. And so at time when I
lift the 600 she breaks open at the rear very slightly.

Interestingly I had a problem last week with an A1200 with a
similar issue. The A1200 in question has a rear drive ribbon
that connects to an IDE drive which sits outside of the
Amiga 1200. Here too the drive ribbon had conflicted with the
keyboard ribbon lifting it ever so slightly which caused the
SPACE BAR to fail.

Anyhoo... I rebuilt the 600 and she was working fine. All the
'1's were back and I could soft-boot the computer. Not only but
also, the mouse is working fine. See next blog.

Amiga 600 - Keyboard repair.

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