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Entry 13th May 2020: Post 02: Doing a little mouse work.

Doing a little mouse work.

I do prefer the roller mouse when using the Amiga. Feels more
natural. Trick though is to have a mouse matt that has a rough
texture. The old style mouse matt that is.

I do like the Amiga Technologies mouse, basically cus its smaller,
light weight and works generally better. Also it has the small
port connector and the metal effect band that aids inserting.

And so when I found this mouse high on a stack of joysticks I
could only presume it was faulty. I generally hide mice that
fall over so as I don't use them again. Anyhoo I set too cleaning
the mouse. The inside rollers were caked in hair and dust. So
I used cotton buds and cocktail sticks to remove the debris.

Back together and she worked fine. Except that at this point I
discovered the keyboard number 1 missing. [ see the first post ].

Doing a little mouse work.

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