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Entry 13th May 2020: Post 03: Happy Birthday - What ever.

Happy Birthday - What ever.

To be truthful I have never really celebrated my birthday. I would
be hard pushed to remember a single one. I have always viewed them
as to be a little pointless. I tend to treat every day the same
and that goes for seasonal holidays and new year. I have always
tried to enjoy each and every day. I am one of those strange breed
that actually likes Mondays. I would much rather sit at the beginning
of a week with so much in prospect and look forward to that, than
pine all week yearning for the weekend. But then I always enjoyed
my job. That is why I became an architect. Fun all day long.

So anyhoo what was I doing on my birthday. Mostly as the previous
blogs but also I marvelled again at this Commodore 64. Like the
Amiga 600 featured in the previous, this C64 came here broken.
She had no keyboard working or video output. I first got the C64
working by swapping out a few chips and tidying things up and
then I replaced the keyboard.

So when I gaze upon the C64 still working I reflect on the true
purpose of life, and that is not celebrating what has been but
simply making sure your kit is working so you can carry on having
fun. She is alive and functioning as she should. It really is all
I can ask each day. Just marvel in her splendour and look forward
to tomorrow and live for each day in exactly the same way.

The trick is to always have a project on the go. Set challenges and
most importantly never give up... succeed. There is no greater
joy than the sense of achieving something.

Happy days.

OK that's the blog done... time to crank up the XBOX 360.

Happy Birthday - What ever.

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