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Entry 14th May 2020: Post 1: PowerBox PSU by Wizard for the Amiga.

PowerBox PSU by Wizard for the Amiga.

For a while I did try to get alternative power supplies for the
Amiga. My first problems with power occurred in 1995 when I just
couldn't get a 3.5" IDE working inside a 1200. In the end I used
and Amiga 500 brick.

Problem with these units are that they are not validated in any
way by the manufacturer. Commodore had long since vanished from
the scene by the time I got one and taking a gander inside I was
less than impressed with what I saw.

The first PSU I purchased was a Goliath which is somewhere in the
loft. I know not where. I did try the thing out and was met with
a general power failure and stuttering hard drive. It caused the
machine to flicker on and off, and like an idiot I was using it
to try power my 1200 with the Apollo 060. I very quickly junked
the PSU and never had the guts to try these others.

The SX32 for the CD32 has a home made PSU, not by me. The power
switch is from an old C64. It does work and since it came with this
CD32 I do trust it... kinda.

My towers have the PC style PSU and they do need to be able to be
switched on and off from a button and not need software to close.
It's a tricky one this cus whilst I can appreciate the need for
a better PSU I am not minded to use something not made by Commodore.
The computers are just too valuable to me.

PowerBox PSU by Wizard for the Amiga.

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