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Entry 15th May 2020: Post 1: PlayStation - Those little booklets.

PlayStation - Those little booklets.

It was kinda regrettable that the Amiga gaming era ended. Much
shorter was my initial PC gaming period. I really couldn't be
bothered keep configuring my computer to play games. And so when
the PS1 arrived it was a breath of fresh air just sticking in
the disc and playing the game. Cus if it was made for the PS1 it
basically always worked.

My first games of Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Command and
Conquer took so little time to load up and I soon got use to
switching on and booting straight into my nightly fun. I set the
PS1 up on a special shelf unit and purchased a SONY Trinitron TV
to play my games. The time spent was quite magical and lasted
thro until the early 2000s.

What was quite wonderful about the PS1 was the little booklets
that came with games, magazines and promotions thro the mail.
SONY always kept me informed and fed me with oodles of tiny books
filled with goodies. The magazines always gave away sumptuous
levels of games for me to play. I recall playing Tony Hawk's on
his skateboard each and every night. There was also this BMX
game that was so incredibly fun and yet came on a cover disc. The
magazines were definitely worth while, just for the discs.

And so the PlayStation era for the PS1 was a magical time and I
certainly spent way too many nights lost to it all. I placed a
number of the booklets in a CD shelf unit I have here and quite
forgot about them. So as I flicked thro some of them I was
reminded of long summer nights hooked into my PS1 as the darkness
filled the room and I was transfixed by those little black discs.

The little CD size booklets also appeared on the XBOX and Dreamcast
but somehow they didn't hold the same kind of magic. Odd that.

Happy days. Very happy days.

PlayStation - Those little booklets.

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