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Entry 19th May 2020: Post 2: Amiga 500Plus - Health Check Part 2.

Amiga 500Plus - Health Check Part 2.

It's that time again when I painstakingly open up my A500Plus
computers and check the dreaded battery damage. I have eleven of
the Amiga 500Plus though will probably only check half a dozen.

So why am I checking these A500Plus machines. Well, all of them
have had the battery removed. Sadly it doesn't end there cus the
corrosion never really goes away. Well not unless you are happy
to scrape the top surface of the motherboard and rebuild half the
tracks, sockets and chips. For those that know the story of Ironman
you will appreciate his dilemma of living each day under pain of
death from shrapnel moving ever closer to his heart. Well it is
like that with the Plus computers. I simply watch the corrosion
and fight it with vinegar and brown paper.  [ like from the
nursery rhyme ].

I tentatively open the computers and through my cringed face I
gaze at the previous damage and simply comfort the computer. My
only joy is switching on and hoping she is working. I can do
nothing. There are those that try very hard to fight the problem
but with so much corrosion and damage to some of these computers
all I can do is live in hope.

In truth it was some silly idiot at Commodores fault. Deciding
to put the battery from the memory card onto the motherboard
pretty much signed the death certificate on any unsuspecting
computer. So many cherished machines were put in store only to
die a painful slow death without anyone ever knowing. That is
no way for any Amiga to die. And so I care for them while I
can and give words of comfort.

The second featured machine escaped relatively unscathed. Before
the battery was severed from the motherboard it did inflict 
damage to the U12 chip. I take off the green residue but it
simply reappears.

I took a pic before and after I swabbed the deck to clean.

Please note that I am using an old black and white TV for the
images and so they are not the best.

Amiga 500Plus - Health Check Part 2.

Same time tomorrow for more

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