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Entry 23rd May 2020: Post 1: Amiga 500Plus - Things that make you go hmm.

Amiga 500Plus - Things that make you go hmm.
I know its been a couple of years since I opened up the A500Plus
that I use in the disk room. And I know she gets hammered almost
every day as I test and check disks... BUT ! Colour me just a
little confused by what I discovered lurking under the ROM switch.

And man was it a mess. There really was no reason for the green
stain that spread out on the motherboard like some kind of sickly
disease. It wasn't as if the stains related to electrical chips
and stuff. Then I noticed that the line of the stain seemed to
coincide with the ROM switcher.

I discovered the sticky tape had turned to goo and the yellow tape
was soft and very sticky, more so than it should have been. To the
point it was almost fluid. At the very bottom corner of the switch
there was a pool of light green... ooze and nothing below that was
creating the mess.

When I cleaned up, the light green was almost gone, but in a square
almost the size of the switch the motherboard mask screen had been
attacked. I know this as I am able to compare historic pictures.
The actual A500Plus components were all very much in the same state
as they were when I removed the battery.

Anyhoo, I have removed the sticky tape which was truly disgusting
and placed some paper between the Gary and the ribbon and the ribbon
and the switch. I have decommissioned the A500Plus and glass cased
in storage. I will check again in six months and if still happening
I will just have to chuck her away... [ kidding ]

Cooooooo the music ..Things that make you go hmm 

Be aware that battery damage was historic and not anything to do
with watching Zelma and getting all hot and bovvered.. ALRIGHT !!
Man do I like C+C.. Grabs album. Classic.

Amiga 500Plus - Things that make you go hmm.

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