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Entry 24th May 2020: Post 1: Amiga 500Plus - Opening more than the box.

Amiga 500Plus - Opening more than the box.
I have a number of the Plus Amigas in boxes but will have to leave
the one that is in deep store. This baby however wasn't that hard
to extract so I thought I would open up and see what was lurking
under the hood and check the old battery removal.

The computer had been fitted with a ROM switcher though no switch
to the wire which looks like it was never connected. The machine
has the newer dreadful floppy drive that causes me no end of issues.
She was working but I did hold my breath. So much of the circuit
board is exposed to dirt and dust through the floppy disk slot.

No expansion was present. She does have an interesting serial number.

Anyhoo she was working fine, though stuck in 1.3 mode. The Switcher
is actually called a Pheonix DSH ROM Sharer. The unit comes with a
plastic block fitted to the shielding which prevents the LED lights
sitting snug in their slots.

Amiga 500Plus - Opening more than the box.

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