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Entry 24th May 2020: Post 2: Amiga 500 RAM card - So much easier.

Amiga 500 RAM card - So much easier.
Not the card for the box, but makes my point. And the point is
simply this. If Commodore hadn't decided to install the battery
backed up clock onto the motherboard there would be way more Amiga
500 Plus units in circulation today. By putting the RAM and clock
onto the main board they basically signed the computers death
certificate. I was collecting A500Plus machines just ten years
after release and they were already showing signs of the battery

So what was wrong with leaving the battery on a card. Interestingly
on the BBC Master System the battery is in its own special container
that sits to the side of the motherboard. It has a simple hand pull
connector and can be replaced in seconds.

Just as a side note... most of the cards I have with batteries
are in near mint condition. The batteries do leak on some but for
many they remain pretty much as these images. I pulled this card
this week and it has been in constant use this last four years.

Amiga 500 RAM card - So much easier.

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