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Entry 25th May 2020: Post 1: Amiga 500Plus - Cartoon Classics final check.

Amiga 500Plus - Cartoon Classics final check.
Cartoon Classics is the last A500Plus I will be checking for some
while .... Phew !! It's been a laugh a minute .. Not !

I do have three Cartoon Classics boxes. Only two have A500Plus and
the other has the original A500. For those that don't know, Commodore
never really celebrated the release of the A500Plus. Instead they
apologetically replaced Amiga 500 computers in Cartoon Classics
boxes over the Christmas period and without telling customers first
simply explained the change with a simple note advising accordingly.

I sense that the A500Plus featured here has had very little use
given the action on the keyboard and the general good state of the
box and contents. The computer has stood for a good period during
its life on end probably sandwiched by the side of a table. The
evidence of discolouration to just one end suggests this.

The computer is fitted with the later crappy thinner floppy drives
though on this machine it works perfectly. For now !!

I spotted just two slight issues. There is a small amount of green
corrosion to the one end of the trapdoor expansion pins. And also
as with nearly every A500Plus in the collection there is a strange
deposit / residue at C913 adjacent the removed battery. There
doesn't appear to be anything there. Looks like a glue deposit
holding two connectors together. Dunno.

Anyhoo..  that is about it for my review of battery removals and
status of A500Plus computers in the collection. I am happy to say
that they are all working. I have one left to check but that can
wait till the bad weather subsides and we get more pleasant cooler
weather. Man I hate the summer.

Be aware that no Amigas were damaged during this exercise though I
was the victim of a virus attack. Fortunately the Amiga did
recover. Onward.

PS I did open up the Cartoon Classics with the 500 inside. It was
the victim of a spider attack. The previous owner kept his boxes in
a loft and sadly they were infested with spiders who made home in
the cases. Little menaces.

Amiga 500Plus - Cartoon Classics final check.

An A500 Cartoon Classics

Be afraid of spiders !!

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