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Entry 27th May 2020: Post 1: Inside the HAM-E Framebuffer by Black-Belt.

Inside the HAM-E Framebuffer by Black-Belt.
I have featured the HAM-E before but never actually opened it up to
see what was inside. Surprisingly this unit has the rare Hires
Adaptor. Sadly I don't have a power supply so can't use it.

HAM-E was killed off by Commodore cus it threatened the new release
of the AGA machines. Never categorically proven but is assumed. So
what is HAM-E ? No idea... But what I read was that it was an
external frame-buffer unit which connected to the RGB port on the
Amiga. Anyone that knows HAM will appreciate it's just an illusion.
A bit of Amiga trickery. The HAM-E is no different. It converts
two hires pixels into one new low-res pixel. The aim being to create
a fake high-res output using the wizardry of anti-aliasing. But
seriously don't quote me on it.

The HAM-E was made by Black Belt Systems in the UK though mine
definitely says made in Montana. Maybe that is in the UK. This dates
from 1991 just before the release of the AGA Amigas. The unit not
only shares the RGB display on the Amiga but can also show each in
a split screen.

The software disks provided come with Image Professional which is an
image processing paint program.

That is about all I know. The unit did not come with a manual or a
power supply. Sadly I have no idea whether it is working. My guess
is that it's quite rare and probably worth a sack full of gold. Or
not... probably not. If you do own one and have the time it would
be great to get an electrical copy of the manual.

So there you have it ... HAM-E. Kinda redundant I guess when you
have an A1200 AGA computer. Dunno.

Inside the HAM-E Framebuffer by Black-Belt.

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