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Entry 27th May 2020: Post 2: Black and white Teleton T-122 TV.

Black and white Teleton T-122 TV.
My portable black and white TV has to be the unsung hero of the
collection. She has been with me since the dawning of my computer
interest back in the Spectrum era. She has also lived in student
accommodation, college halls, basement flats and even a hotel
bedroom. I recall watching the Young Ones squat in a hotel with
this TV. She has never failed me.

What is just magic about the black and white is the ability to
simply rotate the tuning knob to get an accurate signal. None of
this digital auto-scanning nonsense.

She has but one external connector and sorry for the lingo but
in my world of growing up with terrestrial TV there really only
ever was an aerial connection. We all knew what the aerial did
and without an external you would play with the antenna until
you got a good signal. Back home in the midlands we lived under
the shadow of the Sutton Coldfield transmitter so getting a
signal was never a problem.

So from Hitchhikers to Fawlty Towers to Monty Python to Young
Ones and Manic Miner to ... well today. She still works.

For those that didn't know, the brown connector on the back of
the Amiga 600 and 1200 is an RF connector that connects to the
aerial of old TVs like the one here. The images are not that
brilliant but if all you want to do is check if the computer
is working the black and white is ideal

I seriously doubt you could even buy a black and white TV today
let alone one fitted with a tube. Point is, if you have old
computers chances are they have a RF connector by default. She
really is a life saver and makes tuning into your favourite
retro a doddle.

PS. For the A500 and A2000 you will need the A520.

Black and white Teleton T-122 TV.

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