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Entry 28th May 2020: Post 1: Amstrad PPC512 and 640 portable.

Amstrad PPC512 and 640 portable.
Whilst mucking around with the Amiga 500Plus I have needed to move
the PPC512 on more than one occasion. So I decided to pull her onto
the bench and take a look.

Both the PPC512 and PPC640 were Amstrad's attempt to make a cheap
portable computer. The problem was that the cost cutting on the
screen meant a near impossible to use display. The thing wasn't
backlit and black on dark green isn't the best. I know these
things go dull in time but the only way to see anything is with
a light pointing straight at it. That makes taking a screen pic
impossible in truth.

My PPC512 hasn't ever really worked, although last time I at least
got a ready screen or waiting, I forget. The PPC640 on the other
hand still works fine albeit with the poor display. I don't mind
the concept, I just hate anything with one of these screens.

Amstrad PPC 512 and 640 made by Amstrad in 1988. The processor is
a NEC V30 running at 8MHz. RAM is 512 and 640 to suit the model.
Runs MS-DOS 3.2 or 3.3, GEM and Q-DOS II.

Came with either one or two 3.5" floppy disks.

Battery life was about an hour [ seriously ].

Amstrad PPC512 and 640 portable.

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