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Entry 9th May 2021: Post 2: Amiga DMS - Device Masher System.

Amiga DMS - Device Masher System.

So why use DMS ? Simple really. It creates a disk image that
actually reflects the size of the files. Unlike ADF the file size
can vary and so makes it very economic in terms of file size. Do
not confuse DMS with LHA given that the LHA system is a file
archive and not a disk archive. One creates a disk image and the
other [ LHA ] simply archives a series of files.

DMS is very popular on post 1994 Amiga magazines and there are
any number of GUI applications that can be found on cover disks
and Aminet. There are also plenty of Amiga disk archives in DMS
format. Many of the PD libraries used the DMS system.

The tool for DMS is located in the 'C' drawer and when you have
a copy of the tool you simply place it there. To call up a DMS
and to create a file/image of a disk. Simply place the disk in DF0
and then open the shell and think of a file name and type...

DMS read RAM:T/file_name.dms

This then will create a DMS file in RAM:T called file_name.dms
of what ever is in your floppy drive. To write a disk from a DMS
file just place the DMS in RAM:T and type

DMS write RAM:T/file_name.dms

You should get in the habit of copying and using files in RAM
to avoid over-writing important data files on your drive. Just
copy any subsequent DMS files to a desired location.

What I did today involved a little more than just creating a DMS
archive. I have had an issue with an XP Evesham black box that fell
over. I spent quite a few days rebuilding the machine and system.
I discovered in doing so the floppy to be broken. I replaced the
floppy and re-networked the machine. It has USB to the front.

Next up I copied and edited images for the Amiga using Photoshop
on this Win7 machine and then transferred to USB. I then used the
USB on the XP machine and copied files to a HD floppy disk on the
PC using the new drive that I had fitted. Next I transferred the
disk to a HD XL drive on an Amiga Technologies A1200 and then put
the desired files on an Amiga disk. It was this disk that I today
tested for the DMS file creation and wrote back to a fresh disk
using the couple of software applications from cover disks. Suffice
to say Clara Veiga was involved and I prepared files to use in my
next blog using Iconian.

When I spend a day on the Amiga I tend to stack up projects and
what with the gaming interludes the day just melts away. Always
does. That is why I avoid the Amiga at all cost. It really is a
complete waste of my time... OR NOT. Probably not.

So that is DMS. Easy really and very useful I have to say. It
has lost favour cus the emulator uses ADF, as does the GOTEK
thing. Me I prefer DMS. It saves drive space on the Amiga. It
also gives a status read out and a bootblock dump. Sadly ADF will
replicate file issues and checksums. Pretty lifeless application.
If you have the document file in C it also gives you a handy tool
for different archive functions and the command lines.

Amiga DMS - Device Masher System.

Clara Veiga wishing scuzz a happy birthday.

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