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Entry 9th May 2021: Post 3: Amiga 1200 - Sensible Golf Iconian PPaint and Clara Veiga.

Amiga 1200 - Sensible Golf Iconian PPaint and Clara Veiga.

Very often as a subscriber to a magazine you get the extra goodies.
Amiga Format had a special subscribers disk and a loose pamphlet
style bonus sheet inside the magazine. It was with one of these
subscription magazines that I was able to use the DMS GUI tool.

Sadly toward the end of the Amiga's popularity the games started to
fall over. Amiga Format had two goes at releasing the cover disk
for Sensible Golf as the first copy had more holes in the program
than a golf course. The game didn't fair better and was a flop in
truth. I really couldn't be bothered it was so dreary in the game
play and the club operation was just dreadful.

Amiga Power shipped Aladdin with the Sensi golf game which was a
good deal better I have to say. The racing game TopGear was just
a rip off of Burning Rubber with bubble text and turbo boost. On
the other hand Marvin's Marvellous Adventure was worth its weight
in gold as a cover disk. I never put the thing down, playing all
night long sometimes. Great fun.

And so what was I aiming to do with Clara Veiga. I decided I could
do with a new disk icon so I loaded Iconian. This was always a bit
trial and error as I have found bugs in various copies I have. The
first version had problems loading gadgets. The second Iconian 2
worked just fine. So try get Iconian 2.

Next up I have problems with PPaint cus the earlier versions do not
support the JPG format and some of the later versions are just a
demo and will print demo on your pictures. The best one is version
PPaint 7.1. I had to literally copy the files part by part from
another Amiga to get it working. There also needs to be an ASSIGN
placed in the 'user-startup' to direct the program to the desired
file location on the hard drive.

With all that done I loaded a JPG of the lovely Clara Veiga. I then
mucked around with the palette and number of colours before saving
in ILBM format to the folder. I then fired up Iconian 2 and created
a sexy new disk image for a drawer icon. I can use this on disks by
simply using IconCopy.

And so the day was done and I had spent a long time on the Amiga.
The experience is always rewarding. Having a subject to investigate
sets the chain in flow and soon I have magazines, disks, games and
software littering the bench. Takes me a good while to put all things
away, but it really is worth it. Sadly the forums I frequent rarely
seem to focus on what users are doing with their Amigas, and tend
to concentrate way too much on electrical work and gaming.

That's me done for today. Time to prepare for tomorrow.

Amiga 1200 - Sensible Golf Iconian PPaint and Clara Veiga.

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