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Entry 10th May 2021: Post 1: Amiga - Personal Paint or PPaint.

Amiga - Personal Paint or PPaint.

Personal Paint has to have been the most developed and improved
software for the Amiga 1200 post the demise of Commodore. What
prompted this developer to commit so much time into a paint package
for a defunct platform I know not. What is more they made every
effort to circulate the product and feature free software on most
if not all the most popular publications. There didn't seem to
be a month when a newer version was not becoming available.

For me the software was pretty ordinary to start with and wasn't
anything like as good as Dpaint. But then suddenly with one of
the later versions I was able to open JPG and GIF files and save
them as ILBM Amiga formats. This was incredibly useful given the
amount of files available from the internet.

By the mid nineties I was pretty well using PPaint as my preferred
weapon of choice and it never let me down. Incredibly easy to set
up as you just create an assign to its base folder. Updating just
meant a new folder and the size of files were minimum. There were
no fancy screen modes to negotiate and I gotta say I much prefer
the tools on the left hand side. And all on one DD disk.

The package includes many image manipulation tools that you would
normally associate with way more expensive products. There is no
setting up required and you are good to go from the first click.
You do need to make sure you have a full version and not a demo
as the latter will insert the words demo across your saved work.

Versions to avoid are the early 2.1/4 releases. The 6 series are
fine and cover all the various datatypes.

I was so impressed with the software that I bought an official
version. Interestingly PPaint was shipped with the Amiga 1200 and
4000 from the Escom era.

Only one piece of software has attained more use on my Amiga and
that is the VidiAmiga frame grabbing software. Dunno where I
would be without either of these classics. For me you need but
a handful of software on your Amiga and this includes Dopus, CED,
Dpaint, PPaint, Vidi Amiga, AMOS and FastView. In addition to the
base software a good sprinkling of datatypes, codecs  and AmigaGuide.

Amiga - Personal Paint or PPaint.

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