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Entry 11th May 2021: Post 1: Amiga - The old world order.

Amiga - The old world order.

You may have read my thoughts on the current state of forums in
a blog I made a month or so ago. My feelings very much are of a
view that although there are still a good number of Amiga users,
I doubt very much that there is any serious activity in terms of
'computing' in the real sense. Time was that Amiga group posts
were littered with queries about doing actual Amiga computing.
Today you are lucky to get a single post about the finer aspects
of using and programming an Amiga.

Recently I was again drawn to my vast catalogue of disks in an
effort to feed one of my A1200s that was deficient in a number
of key Amiga tools. The process of loading up the drawers and
filling with Amiga goodies generally involves my XL Drive that
can read PC format HD disks. You can tell a power drive from
its length as it is longer than a conventional drive. Most of
my very own personal Amiga archive is on HD floppy disk and I
have drawers and drawers of disks.

Today I grabbed a couple of fistfuls of my favourite disks and
joyed in installing them. The software varies from de-crunchers
to datatypes. Art packages, icon editors together with icons.
There are software updates to all the most popular programs plus
examples of programs, documents, images etc. Over the years I
amassed a vast catalogue of add-on goodies and updates to
complement my stock. I never get bored of loading them onto the
Amiga and then having a play.

The point really is that without much of these files I would
feel a little lost when using the Amigas tools and applications.
Most Amiga users of the day would have been steadily building
their portfolio of Amiga software to ensure that they stayed
ahead of the curve when producing their Amiga magic. It really
says a lot to me when I receive a response from a post that
suggests the poster hadn't even the first clue about the base
fundamentals of using the Workbench. It is not unusual these
days to have to go back to first base with users to explain
the very basic processes of the Amiga. I am no expert by any
measure but I certainly can find my way round the Workbench.

The Amiga users of today are truly more electronically minded
than computer literate. The general activity suggests a user
preoccupied with the health of their kit and what they can do
to enhance its hardware. I am not saying that that isn't part
of the Amiga world, but I sense few are actually doing much
with their kit post upgrading and repairing.

In time, less and less will be remembered of the world that I
frequented and so I often delve through my disks to remind me
of a time when forums were filled with far more interesting
and rewarding content. Today sadly Amiga users tend to skim
and bounce off the Amiga upper reaches failing to traverse the 
light fantastic of the computers stratosphere. It would be nice 
once in a while to come across a brave adventurer that was 
willing to explore beyond the outer ADF reaches and see the 
world that many of us grew up to know as home. It does exist .. 
Amiga Shangri-la. But you have to believe it's there.

Anyway another garbage set of pics showing me uploading one of
my Amiga 1200s. Nothing that stimulating, other than to me.

Amiga - The old world order.

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