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Entry 11th May 2021: Post 2: Amiga - AWNPipe.

Amiga - AWNPipe.

OK .. Let me explain a bit of what I was on about in that last post.

Travel back with me to the dawn of this century to a time when the
Amiga groups were filled to the brim with keen and interesting
talented individuals. For my part I was active on a number of groups
and those members that frequented the forums not only posted very
interesting content, but also had support pages of their own.

One such individual was a guy called Bruce Steers on Amiga_SA who
was not just a bloody great computer musician but also a great
Amiga programmer. He was involved with an application called
AWNPipe that was the creation of one William Parker.

The software grew out of AWeb and became a part contributor to the
latest OS3.9. Bill is credited on the CD for his work. Bruce not
only introduced me to the dynamic world of AWNPipe but educated me
in its use and together we expanded its portfolio. It was a quite
magical time and one I shall never forget.

AWNPipe featured heavily on Bruce's website and fortunately I made
a copy of all the pages in the day. Sadly not only does the site
no longer exist, but neither does Amiga_SA , given that Yahoo closed
all the groups prior to Christmas. I have tried to hunt down the
members and the pages of AWNPipe but cannot find anything other
than what is on Aminet.

Not to be deterred I have recreated the AWNPipe pages in JPG format
and not HTML so that you can at least see what Bruce was trying to
explain. It is such a shame to me that such pages and applications
are not better exhibited on an Amiga site which commemorates the
very excellent work undertaken by the community. For me I was very
lucky to be part of that era. Sadly for many they will never ever
appreciate the joy of this work. Worse is that much will vanish
without trace.

Hopefully I am not crossing any boundaries when I show the site of
another Amiga user. I doubt Bruce would object. I do miss my time
on the groups. I have literally hundreds and hundreds of contacts
from that time. Simply nothing compares today with how the Amiga
community did use to be. I never wanted to be the last man standing
but with time it feels more and more that I am becoming more alone.

So cheers to Bill and Bruce. For my part you will never be forgotten.

PS: If you aver get bored.. CLICK THIS MAGICAL AMIGA LINK Not related.

Amiga - AWNPipe.

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