ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2021

Entry 12th May 2021: Post 2: Amiga - Home made midi interface.

Amiga - Home made midi interface.

I never did ask my fellow Amigan Colin Tunstill just who Chris
Savage was. His name appears on a lot of the boxes Chris gave me
back in 2010. The mods to the CDTV were most intricate.

One bit of kit that is attributed to Chris is this midi interface
for the Amiga. I have no technical detail with the interface so
all I have is what you see. I also have nothing to connect this
wondrous gadget too.

Anyhoo.. simply marvel at this home made interface that in a way
best sums up the enthusiastic users that have always populated
the Amiga world. Incredible.

Amiga - Home made midi interface.

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