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Entry 24th May 2021: Post 1: Mitsubishi - Apricot VS550.

Mitsubishi - Apricot VS550.

May not be the most retro of subjects but the PC desktops and the
towers all need checking out at times to review their status. With
the Windows based machines its more about batteries and hard drives
to ensure that they keep ticking over. If either fails you very
often lose the whole OS and have a rebuild on your hands.

I purchased the Mitsubishi Apricot VS550 to add to my Apricot set.
In truth the computer has very little , if anything, to do with
the Apricot line. Sadly she fell over some years ago and from the
dust inside I doubt I have ever bothered trying to get her working.

Previously I recall not being able to progress beyond the opening
IBM disk insert requester. Made me giggle a bit as it reminded me
of the Amiga requester. This time, however, I ignored the actual
system set-up function key on screen and just went for a random
function key blast. Amazingly it let me into the system.

Anyhoo .. looks like I can replace the hard drive and probably
install something a little more useful. I still need plenty of
drivers but I guess I can manage that. The computer is quite the
compact desktop and has the daughterboard with slots on both sides.
She has the IBM Surepath setup from 1995 for the Pentium 133. She
has 640 KB system memory and 47MB extended.

She may be a PC from 1995 but she still has a place here so I will
give her a good dust down and make a note of which keys I pressed.
Just need to remember them .. duh !!

Mitsubishi - Apricot VS550.

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