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Entry 28th May 2021: Post 1: Amiga ProDAD - Animage, Clarissa and Adorage

Amiga ProDAD - Animage, Clarissa and Adorage

Whilst the products of ProDAD were well known to me, I have
to say I rarely used them. I seem to recall there being a problem
with the screen resolution of the default settings and I wasn't
able to easily change it. Also, and truly a minor thing, but I
have never been a fan of the colour yellow. Don't ask.

I never actually chased a copy of the Clarissa software, though
I do have the cover disk versions. The SSA folder for the Super
Smooth Animation files was always resident on the A1200.

Animage, which again I have never used, integrates both graphics
and animation files as a presentation program. Looks interesting.

I don't think I have the Clarissa video, though I do have the 
Adorage one for the multi effect program.

The biggest problem for me with any form of largish animation was
the memory and hard drive space for the projects. It was difficult
enough to manage low res DPaint black and white animations let
alone colour one, however simplistic.

Anyhoo here is the box art and contents of the Animage software
plus the articles in Format and CU for Clarissa. I had already
made comment on Adorage which can be found on CU Amiga 78 and 111.

Amiga ProDAD - Animage, Clarissa and Adorage


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