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Entry 28th May 2021: Post 2: Amiga - Trouble shooting.

Amiga - Trouble shooting.

Following on from my blog yesterday about essential reading for the
Amiga , I thought I would give an example of a feature in CU about
that very subject. It conveniently was on the cover of CUAmiga
for the Clarissa feature.

01: The secret world of the CIA's.
02: Replacing chips.
03: Corrupt disk.
04: Zorro sorrow.
05: Too many add-ons.
06: Reclaim memory.
07: AGA game compatibility.
08: Jumbled keys.
09: Please insert Volume X.
10: File not executable.
11: Parnet troubles.
12: Startup troubles.
13: Could not open X library
14. Ten do's and dont's.

Maybe of help.

Amiga - Trouble shooting.

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