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Entry 30th May 2021: Post 1: Amiga Game - B-17 Flying Fortress

Amiga Game - B-17 Flying Fortress

First thing that puzzles me about this game is why I have two boxes
of the title. I seriously never remember buying one let alone two.
I am not a great fan of war based game unless they are fantasy. So
B-17 Flying Fortress would never have been on my radar. Saying that
I do like heavy boxes and so this game did not disappoint on that
front. The game gives away a large poster which is a nice touch.

The game is set in 1943 southern England and you pilot a B-17 bomber
along with your ten man crew.

The game had mixed reviews and no doubt appealed to the flight sim
brigade that liked the combat. Microprose were well versed in these
types of game so the quality is very good for the period. The
game was reviewed in most of the popular magazines and Format even
gave away a demo of the game. Cool.

That is all I can say. I didn't play the game as I had some paint
to watch drying... sorry. In truth as a couple of heavy bookends
the game was well worth the money. I'm really not very good at these
types of games. By the time I have reviewed the keyboard and pressed
the selected key, the bomber will have crashed into a hill. I really
am that bad.

Amiga Game - B-17 Flying Fortress

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