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Entry 1st May 2023: Post 1: Revue Tripods - Failing fast.

Revue Tripods - Failing fast.

My goodness is it May already. I did try to give up my gaming fest
earlier last month but sadly I had a bit of a tripod saga. Having
enjoyed for forty years my treasured Revue EX-3 tripod this failed
finally on 21st April 2018. I was lucky enough to snag another
exact duplicate which has now also failed. Sigh.

I swiftly went back to the Bay and found yet another Revue tripod
though this a later model the EX-3B. I am not blaming the delivery
folk for the disaster that now ensued but I have to question just
what went wrong. The clasps on the tripod were broken off. The
centre support lower arm was detached and worse one of the legs
had broken off. The debris was in the bag so its any guess what
happened to cause such damage. Mine have taken a hammering so you
would need to be incredibly heavy handed to cause such damage.

Anyhoo undeterred I sourced another Revue tripod though this time
the ECM-3. Unfortunately this just isn't going to work. It is very
flimsy and wobbles at the slightest touch. Additionally the clasps
and knobs on the main head are a pig to close and turn. In the end
I gave up and made use again of my busted tripod with the electric
insulating tape holding the main camera support. Not the best but
it'll have to do until I can find another tripod.

The Revue tripod was very popular some forty years ago and so I
can't really go back to the manufacturer and complain. I am still
puzzled as to why the clasps and legs broke so easily on the new
replacement. My old tripod has had so much of a hammering and yet
has never failed in such a way. Most strange.

I guess I better get back into the saddle as they say. I will bring
you up to speed with what has been happening over the next few days.
Suffice to say my thumbs and clicking fingers are a touch worn out
but I am sure it won't prevent me putting a few blogs together.

Revue Tripods - Failing fast.

My forty year old original tripod.

Enter the replacement on 21st April 2018.

Sadly the top connector sheared off beginning
of last month prompting a replacement.

The old one was an EX-3.

The replacement was an EX-3B but was broken on arrival.

The bottom clasps had been broken.

The centre support bracket was broken off.

Not all the broken bits were in the parcel.

It may have been broken before it was shipped.

The one leg had completely broken off.

The clasp plate to the centre support was missing.

There was brown mould around the clasps.

Clasps broken off and not all in the parcel.

Leg had sheared off completely.

OK enter the ECM-3 or the EX-3 mini.

Just not sturdy enough sadly.

Starting to build up quite a collection of
Revue tripods. Not that I had planned to.

So I am still hunting a replacement.

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