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Entry 4th May 2023: Post 1: My computer bloodline - Logs to blogs.

My computer bloodline - Logs to blogs.

Have been thinking of getting a new computer. This was prompted
by my having to fully back up my drive off the HP Win7 machine
that has gotten a tiny bit full. Only took 12 years so I am not
complaining. I do have a DeLL Win10 machine purchased in 2017
that I never used, but even that is six years old now and I so
need a modern gaming rig.

Looking at the Commodore 9R25 calculator yesterday from 1996 it
made me reflect on just how I got to where I am today computer-wise.
I do have them all still working for the most part, so I decided
to collate a bloodline of the main players in my computer life.
Obviously I do have hundreds of computers in the collection but
choose here only to show the ones I actually used in the day in
the time sequence they were acquired. I also leave out gaming
consoles and handhelds.

Here we go with my family history tree of computers that conveniently
start with logs.

My computer bloodline - Logs to blogs.

1967-70 It all starts with Logarithms as the only
means available short of long hand to solve
all my mathematical challenges.

1970-76 I moved over to the slide rule as a
means to aiding my mathematical calculations.

1976-1988 The Commodore 9R25 is used as my
main calculator at work and at home.

1988-2006 The Casio fx-82C scientific calculator
replaces the trusty Commodore for my work calcs.

1982 and The Dark Tower appears as the very first
computer gaming machine. Ahead of its time.

1983 The ZX81 arrives and soon takes up most
of my free time. The computer was kitted out
with a Panda RAM pack and modified keyboard.

ZX81 Sinclair running on a Zilog Z80A 1KB RAM 8 KB ROM.

I don't have the original 16K Spectrum as it was
traded in at John Menzies for a 48K machine.

1983 - By the end of 1983 I was heavy into the
Sinclair Spectrum and starting to amass various
add-ons and gadgets.

Runs on a Zilog Z80 A with 48K RAM.

1987 Make way for the Spectrum+2 the first
encounter with the mighty Alan Sugar.

Runs on a Zilog Z80 A with 128K RAM.

1988 Impressed by Amstrad I purchased a PCW9512.
This introduced me to CP/M and Mallard BASIC.

Runs on a Zilog Z80 A 4 MHz with 512K RAM.

1989 I flirted with the Amstrad 1512 HD20 and
moved away from 3 inch compact to 5.25" floppy.

Runs on an Intel 8086 at 8MHz and 512KB RAM.

1993 The Amiga 1200 arrived and changed my life
completely. The computer was the subject of so
many upgrades and expansions. Too many to list.

Runs on a Motorola MC68EC020 at 14.18 MHz with
2MB Chip RAM. Mine has a Blizzard 1230IV Turbo
with 32MB RAM.

1996 and in comes the Windows 95 Colossus that never
quite nudged out the Amiga. In the years I had the
machine running I expanded with SCSI, scanner, ZIP
drive, SWAP Bay and CD writer.

She was a Pentium 120 with a 1GB hard drive no less.

The new millennium and on the dong of 2000 I was
taking possession of my brand new Windows 98
machine. She lasted some eight years before she
was replaced with the dreaded XP machine.

Evesham Micro Platinum TNT2 Live Pentium III
Intel Pentium II 550 CPU 120MB SDRAM, 27GB HD
DVD and ZIP drive, Ethernet and SoundBlaster with
surround sound speakers.

2002 I purchased an Evesham mini tower system
to work in tandem with the Win98 simply to
store and burn CDs using NERO. She never went
online in all her life.

Intel Celeron 1.1 GHz, 60GB HD, 256 Mb SDRAM.

2008 I acquired a Pentium 4 Evesham tower
running at 2.80 GHz and 3GB RAM. She had
200GB and 150GB hard drives, Ethernet, DVD
writer and a NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 graphics card.
She was plugged into a Syncmaster T220HD monitor.

2011 to the present I use this HP Pavilion
Windows 7 machine. She is a HPE-495uk with
an Intel Core i7CPU 8GB memory and 64-bit OS.
The CPU runs at 870at2.93GHz 2.93 GHz. 1 TB HD
and all the modern bells and whistles.

This summer I replaced the NVIDIA graphics card
for the second time. Mainly due to gaming hammering.

In 2017 I purchased a DeLL Inspiron Desktop
i7-7700 up to 3.60 GHz 16GB DDR4 at 2400MHz with
a 128GB SSD+1TB GB 7.2K HDD. NVIDIA GEForce GTX 750Ti
Windows 10 and that is where this ends.

I have never used the machine as I cannot abide Win10.
I would rather go all the way back to pencil and paper
than use this dreadful operating system. It is truly crap.

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