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Entry 5th May 2023: Post 1: DVD Frenzy - Friday night is film night.

DVD Frenzy - Friday night is film night.

I read with interest that Netflix are no longer shipping DVDs
from September this year. The decision reflects a shift in media
distribution that has seen DVD sales plummet by over 80 percent
in ten years. The DVD is not quite dead yet but with streaming
being the choice of many for their viewing it may just mean that
films eventually will not be released on physical media.

With that in mind I was minded to review my DVD collection and
start filling in some of the spaces to ensure I have what I need
for the future. I do not watch TV and have no TV connectivity in
the main lounge. There is a DVD player and a couple of VHS players
with the VHS being used the most for incidental videos. I have a
very short span of attention and never really enjoyed the time
wasted watching TV so back in the early nineties I pulled the
plug on terrestrial and then with the new millennium I removed
satellite also for the most part, letting it vanish completely by

I do like DVDs though and tend to buy in batches and then have a
session of watching over a few weeks. I rarely watch a film in
one hit and sometimes watch films over three to four nights. In
some cases I never get to see the whole film or simply fast
forward. I did that with the last James Bond film cus it was
truly crap and I couldn't wait to see the guy finally kick the old

Anyhoo I recently acquired a number of DVDs and have enjoyed for
the most part watching them. There are a couple of rotten tomatoes
as these came free with the one DVD I wanted. One tip for those
that watch the Churchill film, do make sure you also have the
Battle of Britain on hand cus they miss out the best bit.

At the end of the list I show an image of the best in the lot. It
wasn't cus it had the best story, but cus it was a visual feast.
I guess I just appreciate classic art in films which will keep me
hooked to the TV. The film reminded me of Sucker Punch and turns
out was also directed by Zack Snyder.

That was that for tonight cus Friday night is film night and I
am readying the player whilst I eat tea. I normally manage to the
end of my meal before I get fidgety and probably switch off.

DVD Frenzy - Friday night is film night.


Watchmen directed by Zack Snyder.

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