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Entry 8th May 2023: Post 1: Playdays Paint - Alternative Software.

Playdays Paint - Alternative Software.

I do like hunting down obscure titles for the Amiga and today I
feature the very wonderful Playdays Paint by Alternative Software.
Based on the BBC TV series this jolly little application lets
kiddies import pictures and then colour them in. It really is as
simple as that.

Sadly the software was sold as faulty stating quite bluntly that
the disk doesn't work. I like a challenge so I obtained the disk
plus the box and instructions and set too recovering what I could.
The disk appears to have been physically damaged and the files
were shot for a great section of the disk. I did recover quite a
lot but not enough to get it working.

I have since found an online copy so I have reconstructed the disk.
Not a very inspiring paint package but at the right age I guess
it could give a reasonable amount of enjoyment. The colouring in
is instant and the images are simply colour rendered using a paint
bucket type of action. You can freehand draw, but not with many

Anyhoo another obscure bit of software to add to the collection.

Playdays Paint - Alternative Software.

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