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Entry 9th May 2023: Post 1: AMD Kasumi - My Amiga AMD Carrier.

AMD Kasumi - My Amiga AMD Carrier.

I have my Amiga 1200 networked to my main PC back-up machine in
the form of an AMD Duron 'puter called Kasumi. I use the PC to
back up all my Amiga ADF disks that I convert for the emulator
and main Amiga archive that I hold in duplicate on this Win7 PC.
The AMD Carrier has the benefit of USB and ZIP and is networked
to several other PCs in addition to the Amiga. This makes file
transfer and duplication very easy. It also has the floppy drive
that can format the 720K lower capacity disks.

The other day I switched on to carry out some file management
and sadly was greeted with the 'no boot device' message and run
the boot set up BIOS. Obviously the battery had failed. And so
today I changed over the battery and decided to take some pics
of the computer.

The AMD Duron 'Evolution' was purchased new in December 2002. I
specifically asked that the OS be Windows 98. With Win98 I get a
disk that does not require validation and that means a real CD.
I also got all the CDs for the motherboard, graphics, PCi and
software loaded on the computer. Additionally I got the main
manual and support floppy disks for setting up hard drives. The
computer also comes with the Iomega 250 ZIP larger capacity
drive. The 100 ZIP can be read on this drive and can also be read
on the Squirrel ZIP (Surfer) on the A1200.

She is in pristine condition and when I close down she switches
off instantly.

So why this machine for use with the Amiga ? I wanted a dedicated
computer that I could easily network. I wanted full access to the
OS and it was very important I had the Windows CD and support
software. The Amiga / PC protocol is not rocket science but the
network software is way easier to set up with Win98. Also if the
computer ever goes down I need to be able to set up quickly. The
computer is always offline and primarily used in conjunction with
the Amiga.

I give all my computers a name as you know and this machine was
named after the DOE fighter Kasumi. Her second drive adopts the
the Yoshiki name from Risa Yoshiki. A very Japanese flavour even
though the computer is a product of China.

The computer is a EvolutionXP Authentic AMD Duron with 256K RAM.
There are two IDE hard drives 40 + 80GB which are more than
adequate for my Amiga archive. The graphics card is a NVIDIA
RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Pro. The Ethernet card is a SiS 900 PCi. She
has the CD-ROM and Iomega 250 ZIP drive. PLUS A FLOPPY DRIVE.

The computer is ideal for use with an Amiga.

Anyhoo battery changed and she backed up my Amiga Cheats Disk No 6.
Seriously I wouldn't entertain a new computer in a similar local.
The Win98 is such a blessing when working with a networked Amiga
and she has more than adequate kit to deal with the files that
I back up. What is more if she ever catches a cold I can very easily
get under the bonnet and fix her. Easy peasy.

I have included a pic of the file share that I featured a few years
ago discussing SAMBA. To get the two machines talking to each other
I have an icon on the Amiga Workbench that I click and with MiamiDX
active they instantly handshake and start talking to each other.
Kasumi then appears on the Amigas Workbench just like an Amiga drive.
The last image is of Kasumi from Dead or Alive who also makes a
showing in Beach Volleyball.

AMD Kasumi - My Amiga AMD Carrier.

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