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Entry 10th May 2023: Post 1: Termite - Telecommunications for the Amiga.

Termite - Telecommunications for the Amiga.

To understand Termite and the Information Super Highway of 1995
you have to consider the computer transforming from a stand alone
private device to an online terminal. All this was possible due
to the advancement in modems, communication speeds and friendly
dial-up providers that let you use their access to the internet.

1995 may have been the year of Windows95 but service providers
were still in terminal mode where you almost had to reserve time
on a server to access text based terminals and the like. This
was not the graphically interactive click and tell world that we
know today. It was more akin to a glorified TV teletext system
with an interactive interface that let you enter text.

Services were in the form of BBS Bulleting Boards, Internet, FTP,
Telnet, MUDs, IRC, mail, newsgroups. They relied on you having
software that allowed you to communicate with a modem and in turn
an online service provider that linked you to the world of the
'Information Super Highway'.

I recall Termite being featured on the HiSoft adverts in my
Amiga Format and CU during the summer of 1995. I was dead keen
on getting a ZIP drive and a Squirrel. The guys at work were all
keying into the new Wimdows systems post 1.3 and enjoying both
the new double speed CD-Roms, Pentium 90s and the Internet. I
have to say my humble Amiga was starting to feel left out. The
big issue with the Amiga for me was the lack of a good graphics
card and CD-ROM. Whilst it was possible to build these into the
big box machines, the humble 1200 was tending to be towered
by Amiga enthusiasts.

For me if I was going to shell out large lumps of cash I kinda
wanted to know the kit would work and at least be covered by
some shop warranty. The Amiga had become a home enthusiasts
hobby, much like how the ZX80 and Atom were first conceived.
This was not my ideal solution and so I kinda bypassed software
like Termite and opted for a Win95 machine and an external
modem running CompuServe.

Later on I did configure my A1200 to use MiamyDX but mostly for
mail with YAM, Amiga Yahoo Groups, IRC and some newsgroups. All
used dial-up and these providers changed almost monthly as better
deals were being offered. My favourite was Line-One and I can
still hear in my head the sound of my modem clicking in as it
logged into the server.

Anyhoo I never did buy Termite, though I was very familiar with
the product. I was most pleased to nab a boxed version this week
from Ebay which for the age was in very good condition. Sadly I
do not have a dial-up account still active as they all eventually
died out. Also, the kinds of suitable sites to visit are a touch
limited these days given the security protocols used by the modern
internet service providers. It is still possible at a push but
in truth why struggle with the technology when your phone will do
everything you need these days on the modern 'super highway'.

If you want to try out terminal software and are keen to get your
interface online then look no further than MiamiDX and MUI which
you can download from the web. Be mindful that the internet can
be a very graphics, CPU, disk and memory intensive process so you
may have to customise what you do to suit. Still fun trying.

Just as a footnote in the UK, BT removed all dedicated land lines
from houses providing a phone service via the internet. You can
still hard wire your old telephone into a home hub but how that
would be recognised by an older modem now I have no idea. The
world has moved on so maybe the old fax/modem noise is fast just
becoming a memory in my head.

Termite - Telecommunications for the Amiga.

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