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Entry 11th May 2023: Post 1: Commodore 1084S - Pesky monitor connectors.

Commodore 1084S - Pesky monitor connectors.

You could be fooled into thinking that all Commodore 1084S monitors
were the same. Sadly not the case. The issue of connecting one of
these to an Amiga comes up quite regularly.  First thing to realise
is that Commodore were making monitors for a number of their models
including the C128. These machines had different requirements and
so when viewing the connection options you need to appreciate just
what is provided on the rear of the monitor.

If the only connectors are a couple of circular DIN plugs then the
correct connector is the 6 pin DIN type 270 degrees for the RGB
Linear input or Lin RGB. Note two other things, the SCART blanking
plate has nothing behind it and the TTL RGB is for the C128. The
connector will require the 23 pin RGB female for connecting to the

If you have a 9 pin small rectangular connector then you require a
9 pin D male to 23 pin RGB female connector.

The 1084S also came with the SCART connector so if that is the case
you need a SCART to 23 pin RGB female.

In each instance you will require separate LEFT and RIGHT audio
connectors or phono jacks to connect the Amiga with the monitor for

Clear a mud or hopefully a 1084S monitor. It is getting harder and
harder acquiring these monitors so do look after them. If you place
a sheet of kitchen roll over the vents when not in use it will stop
the dust getting in and settling on the tube.

Hope that helps the person that asked.

Commodore 1084S - Pesky monitor connectors.

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