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Entry 21st May 2024: Post 1: Came for the chicks - Stayed for the gameplay.

Came for the chicks - Stayed for the gameplay.

Has to be one of the key reasons for why I try a game, the old sex
thang. It is why I played Tomb Raider and it still has its allure.

These last few months I have been clocking up quite a few hours on
Vindictus. The game is a little long in the tooth but with the
latest incarnation in alpha stage I thought I'd gen up on my gun
skills with the lovely Eira.

I play a mana gun wielding portal leaper called Eira who is always
calm as a cucumber as we face ugly packs of goblins. There is a
moment at the start of any instance where she stands ready with her
guns outstretched. If you use the camera button to slowly peer over
her shoulder she will lower her guns and glare at you as if to say
'WHOT!. I always reply with Rowan Atkinson' line from the Secret
Policeman's Ball up on the mount with Peter Cook ' Have you brought
the picnic basket'. The trick to playing any game is never to
treat it too seriously. I always have a blast.

Vindictus is primarily an instance based endeavour with quests
given by cartoon style story board characters accessed by entering
certain buildings. It really is a rinse and repeat to Level 72
with a simple process of clearing all trash and bosses in the given
instance and then progressing with the story. There is no exploring
required or provided. The drops are prolific and you are tempted
with items that if you want to keep you have to buy.

The game is free to play but prepare to hit the road block at 72
when instead of fighting a bunch of trash you are confronted by a
very large dragon that has a tendency to pick you up and drop you
to your death. The processes of furthering the game require a vast
amount of enchanting resources or purchases of fatigue curing stuff
that lets you partake in endless dungeons. So the cash shop hits
hard as you progress further.

Vindictus isn't a bad game, its just very tedious and repetitive.
The graphics are really outdated and the fight skills are just a
case of button mashing. Not hard. Some tricks are fun and the girl
is always amusing to watch.

Vindictus is released by Nexon who even if you have a Steam account
will not work without a verified email or Nexon account.

I became interested in Vindictus again cus of Defying Fate which is
another game that has chosen to ignore the woke brigade and gives us
red blooded curvy females to wrap our thumbs around. Has caused a
little bit of a stir, not unlike Stellar Blade. I sense we may see
a bit of a backlash from anti woke developers cus sex always sells.

There has been a lot said this last twelve months about the impact
of the politically correct and the way it has supposedly dulled
down and tamed the content of games and films. In the end if the
product isn't entertaining then ultimately that will seal its fate.
I play a lot of Mah-jong and card games and have always appreciated a
good brain teaser over moronic cheap shallow video games. These
games do take up a lot of your time and matters not now many boobs
are on show you are gonna get bored if the game doesn't hold your
interest. The point worth reflecting on is the artificial interference
by content creators who chose to deliberately manipulate the game so
as to meet some kind of political correctness agenda. For me I can
spot this a mile off and I just switch off. I read reviews and watch
a lot of gameplay before I invest my time in a game.

As to films, well, just like Arnie said in Terminator I'm sure that
Tony Stark will be back. After all he's 'Ironman'. Nuff said.

Came for the chicks - Stayed for the gameplay.

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